ROLE : To follow the internship at a busy teaching hospital under the supervision of senior lecturers from a public medical faculty


MAIN DEPARTMENTS :Please refer the description for more information

REQUIREMENTS :Medical School Students (01st 2nd year students only)

ACCOMMODATION :Host family / Student House

LENGTH OF PLACEMENT :From 02 weeks to 08 weeks


The placement is maximum of 08 weeks is permitted for an elective / internship appointment. The placement is arranged together with the consultation of a leading public university medical faculty and teaching hospital.

Apart from ward based learning, students could work in one of several medical laboratories within the hospital or in one of the preclinical or Para clinical departments of the Faculty of Medicine. There are several state-of-the-art medical and research laboratories that come under the purview of these departments.

The list of preclinical, paraclinical and clinical specialities and medical / research laboratories available in the Faculty of Medicine and the Colombo North Teaching Hospital are listed below.

2. Physiology
3. Biochemistry
4. Pharmacology
5. Haematology
6. Histopathology
7. Microbiology
8. Parasitology
9. Forensic Medicine
10. Public Health
11. Family Medicine

12. Molecular Medicine Unit
13. Disability Studies14. Internal Medicine
15. General Surgery
16. Paediatrics
17. Obstetrics & Gynaecology
18. Psychiatry
19. Neurology
20. Cardiology
21. Dermatology
22. Endocrinology

23. Orthopaedic Surgery
24. Urology
25. Medical intensive care
26. Surgical intensive care27. Anaesthesiology
28. Radiology
29. Chemical Pathalogy
31.Gastrointestinal Research Laboratory
32. Autonomic Function Laboratory
33. Infertility Laboratory
34. Thalassaemia Unit

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